Welcome To BedOAK Global Limited

BedOAK Global Ltd is a registered and licensed company under the companies code, 1963 (Act 179) of Ghana as a private company limited by shares with the aim of providing unique and cutting-edge Research, Business Development and Human Resource consultancy services to meet the needs of organizations and the business community both in Ghana and abroad. The institute started on the 12th of June, 2013 as a consultancy firm with the name, Alikeinfo Consultancy Limited. The board of directors after several strategic meetings changed the name of the institute to BedOAK Global Ltd on the 14th of January, 2019 to reflect the vision and mission of the institute. BedOAK Global Ltd has four (4) affiliated companies, namely BedOAK Food Production, Sika Express, BedHost, and BedOAK Global Academy.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a leading firm providing specialized consultancy and media services to meet the needs of the business community, NGOs, MMDAs and other organizations in Ghana and abroad.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to give small businesses and organizations the chance to buy the same services as big corporate giants’ through the use of innovation and highly motivated personnel.

Goals and Objectives

BedOAK Global Ltd has formulated the following objectives as part of its efforts to realize its mission.
To offer objective, innovative and quality research services.

  • To provide "full service" market research services.
  • To design baseline researches for organisations.
  • To aid basic research for individuals, private and public organisations.
  • To help in the implementation of projects/ programmes for NGOs and the small business sector.


We mix our experience gained from multinational best practices, our industry expertise and the deep knowledge and understanding of the local environment to response to our clients’ needs.

Commitment and Sustainable Working Relations

BedOAK Global Ltd maintains a sustainable working relationship with our clients and exhibits the highest commitment towards the delivery of quality service which exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Local Knowledge and Expertise

Our understanding of and familiarity with the local regulatory, business, socio- economic and political environment will be combined with our extensive experience to provide the appropriate solutions to our clients problems.

Resources and Focus

We also provide appropriate team with skills mix and specialised technical services to our clients.

Organisational Structure

BedOAK Global Ltd is governed by a five-member Board of Directors made up of experienced and competent professionals with varied background. The day –to- day management of the company is headed by a Chartered Managing Consultants who is supported by 2 key personnel made up of Head of Corporate Affairs and Projects and team of 21 Associate Consultants with varied expertise who are hired on project basis.  The head of projects is assisted by a program manager and officer and a 25 trained field officers who are engaged on specific projects/assignments and paid on project basis. The head of corporate Affairs is also supported by accounts and administrative officer, and Protocol officer.

Below is the structure of the company

Board of Directors

Bishop Dr. Prince Hampel


Mrs Fanny Ofosu Agambire

Vice Chairman

Prof. Jonathan Fletcher


Genevieve Pearl Duncan


Dr. Asare Bediako Adams



Dr. Asare Bediako Adams

Executive Director

Vida Ampiah

Head of Corporate Affairs

Ebenezer A. Minkah

Head of Finance

Francisca Atta-Boateng

Head of Programmes

Karl Osei Fokuo

Project Manager