Business Plan Development

BedOAK believes in Fred Adler’s philosophy that “The seeds of every company's demise are contained in its business plan.”  BedOAK will help you to develop your business plans to:

  • Establish a framework to use as your company pursues its objectives
  • Convince potential investors to invest capital in the company.

At BedOAK, we write business plans for companies and support companies to identify the stages of their business growth in order to foresee and plan for any future eventualities.

Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

BedOAK Global Ltd has developed strong expertise in program Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) adapted to a variety of contexts. In each assignment, a specific methodology is designed, taking into account the program dynamics, the partners involved and the areas of implementation. With customized indicators and tools, and combined teams of national and international consultants, BedOAK Global Ltd reviews all layers of program implementation, extracting best practices and lessons learned and formulating recommendations for improvement and future programming.

Business Proposals

Business today faces fierce competition, aggressive marketing and strategic alliances. The degree to which a business succeeds or fails often depends on the business's ability to be awarded contracts or to attract the interest of other businesses to form partnerships or strategic alliances.

To launch your company in either one usually requires two key items, excellent ideas and the ability to present those ideas in a superbly developed business proposal.  BedOAK writes winning business proposals that reflect your company or organization’s ideas, concept or project that you require funding to execute.

Product Outsourcing and Management

BedOAK help implement, manage and monitor the complete life cycle of your products on the Ghanaian market. We have vibrant and dynamic team who understands the nature of product outsourcing and management in today's competing market and has adapted latest technologies to make our work straightforward, economical, manageable, and indeed pleasurable

Web Management

The design of your website identity is a major step towards showing your potential clients that you are a professional business and care about their needs. Our designers will ensure that the end results of your website design conveys the image and professionalism you are looking for. We will ensure that the website matches your business logo, business cards, business letterhead.

We pride ourselves in always using the most cutting-edge technology in website design and development available today.

Human Resource Solutions

Our recruitment approach ensures that we search for excellence and we deliver dynamic qualified candidates who are capable of making a contribution to your business.

At BedOAK we understand the importance of recruiting talented people for your organisation. We therefore provide you with strategic options that are specifically designed to address your needs. Our approach ensures that we search for excellence and deliver dynamic qualified, multi-talented candidates who are capable of immediately making an impact.